LARBSMy version of Luke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts Caleb Noelke19 hours
addmailaccA script to automate creating new accounts on a mail server configured by the em...Caleb Noelke10 months
audripAutomatically download the user's entire audible library and converts it to mp3 Caleb Noelke4 months
dmenuMy build of dmenu used in LARBS Caleb Noelke6 weeks
dwmMy build of dwm used in LARBS Caleb Noelke6 weeks
dwmblocksMy build of dwmblocks used in LARBS Caleb Noelke6 weeks
pywalPywal but with 16 colors Caleb Noelke4 months
pywal-16-colors-gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Caleb Noelke4 months
stMy build of st used in LARBS Caleb Noelke8 weeks
voidriceMy dotfiles (deployed by LARBS) Caleb Noelke2 weeks